About us

Everyone deserves to feel fabulous. Especially you.

Hi, we’re Dawn and Mari from The Vintage Eclectic! We’ve always been lovers of all things vintage, wearing our mother’s old fashions and living our best lives as unique fashionistas. We want to make that available to all of you! As artists, we appreciate vintage clothing for it’s uniqueness and ability to make a statement.


Have you ever felt left out? It’s a terrible feeling. We know what it’s like to be excluded. As children and teens, we were both bullied in school. Sometimes it was our clothes, which really left a mark. We felt self-conscious about our appearance. It affected our self esteem and friendship-making. It’s important to us that we include all sizes, shapes, heights, ethnicity, and lifestyles.

We never want anyone to feel that they can’t wear something they want to wear. We all know what it’s like to shop in a vintage store. It’s always difficult to find pieces that fit. We’re offering every size online, from 0 to 16 so you’re sure to find something that will make you feel beautiful and confident. Your wardrobe should reflect what a badass you are. You deserve it.


As a female-run company, we’re very passionate about empowering our fellow female warriors. We’ve all been through a lot, so we should support each other in any way we can. Mari is a survivor of domestic violence, so we’ve chosen a charity to donate 3% of our earnings.

The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence tirelessly advocates and raises awareness on the dire issues in our culture today that lead to Intimate Partner Violence. They are dedicated to providing aid to victims, empowering the advocates who help them, and holding abusers accountable. We, at The Vintage Eclectic, join our voices with other advocates who stand for the rights of all people to live a life free of the constraints of human injustice.

After escaping Domestic Violence with her young daughter, Mari has made it her mission to rebuild their lives, and to use their story and renewed strengths to advocate for victims and survivors across the country.

The Vintage Eclectic holds a special place in our hearts because it is not only symbolic of a new chapter in our lives but representative of what restoration really means.


In the early days of our sourcing, we scoured places, searching for pieces we were drawn to, searching through a multitude of unclaimed clothing. Imagine coming across a 1950’s wedding dress that you knew had once belonged to a young bride, so eager to start her new life and filled with hopes and dreams, only to find that memory holder had been discarded and left without its story ever being heard. Now, your hands are pulling the dress out of its past and into the present where it will be given the chance to be tenderly restored; its’ seams mended, its’ stains washed. You now see that this piece has a story that can live on. It was always special even if it had once felt forgotten. Time hasn’t made anything irredeemable; in fact, it has only given greater value to the pieces that have made it through; they are in fact, one of a kind. Just like those who, too, will find themselves drawn to our pieces.

This is a Photoshop-free zone. We believe every woman is beautiful in their uniqueness and flaws, so we choose to celebrate them rather than hiding them.

Unapologetic styling gives women the freedom to be who they are, regardless of their lifestyle. Have you ever lusted after a funky item, but thought, “I could never pull that off.” Yes you can! We offer styling tips and photos that will guide you through styling all your vintage pieces.


We are a green company. Rather than creating and selling brand new clothing, we are recycling old clothing to give it a new life. Our pieces have been cleaned and lovingly restored rather than thrown in the landfills. There’s no need for us to use dyes or chemicals, factories that pollute the environment, or plastic that ends up in landfills. All of our plastic packaging is biodegradable and reusable, and our boxes are made from recycled consumer products. Our lack of storefront will save on electricity and water.